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Review: Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

Genre: Thriller
Duration: 102 minutes
Language: Hindi
India Release Date: 06-NOV-2015

Our life revolves around perception of truth, in our lives we act only on our ability to judge the truth. Truth though is a fickle thing, paradoxically because it only occurs in absolution; rest is only our interpretation that allows us to live in a certain subjective truth. Additional Commissioner of Police, Sanket Pujari and the rookie officer, Sameera sit across the television screen to decipher a rare case of multiple homicides caught on camera and this case is going to test their fundamental perception of truth.

Overall Review: Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is a cocktail created by mixing ingredients like: Drugs. Skin Show. Bhaigiri & Policegiri...