Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows (TMNT2)



Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure
Duration: 112 minutes
Language: English
India Release Date: 10-JUN-2016
Pick-D-Flick Rating: 2 on 5

As Shredder joins forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady to take over the world, the Turtles must confront an even greater nemesis: the notorious Krang.

Overall Review: The heroes in a half shell are back in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows!! It is directed by Dave Green and is the sequel to the hit 2014 film. The film stars Megan Fox, Stephen Amell and features the voices of Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, Noel Fisher and Alan Ritchson. As for the Turtles, it’s nice to see them getting more screentime where each of them has their moments. While the sequel does improve in many areas, the story remains a disappointment like the first movie. Another negative point of the film is the acting; most of the live action talent lacked charisma. The jokes aren’t funny, but they surely are laughable. There are some chuckles and some highlights, but the script is really poorly written. Not only the story is riddled with expository dialogue, but also suffers from an erratic pace that drags the momentum from time to time. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows is definitely a flawed film.

Performance & Technical Review: Megan Fox struggles to play as April O’Neil, and takes screen time away from our heroes. The way the turtles looked in this new film was way better executed. The interactions between the turtles are also improved on, as we see they grow as a crime fighting team. The focus on the aches and pain that comes with that growth is a welcome element. The fight choreography has been greatly improved upon, especially the scenes between Rocksteady, Bebop and the turtles. Will Arnett pops up every now and then playing a comic relief as Vern Fenwick. However, it’s a pity that Shredder is a bigger disappointment than he already is in the first movie. Another negative aspect was the big villain – Kraang – the voice, the visual look; it was just awful. 3D images and animation is improved in the sequel.

PDF Verdict: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows feels like an overly long episode (of 112 minutes) without lot of heart or genuine humour. Give it a skip.

Ratings: 2 on 5
Performance: 2.5 on 5
Script: 2 on 5
CGI: 3 on 5
Music / Background Score: 2 on 5

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