Review: Tamasha



Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration: 139 minutes
Language: Hindi
India Release Date: 27-NOV-2015

Based in France, this unusual fairy tale unfolds the lives of a nomad and a tourist who gradually develop fondness for each other as they orchestrate ‘Tamashas’ all across the island.

Overall Review:
Know Yourself…Find Your Identity!!! This is how Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha is narrated in the form of 4 stories viz: Teja Ka Sona / Ishqawala Love / Andar Ki Baat & Don Returns. But this narrative style is of a kind which will be loved by elite and not appreciated too much by the commercial audience as at times it is a bit confusing as overlapping scenes have been used to further the drama. Tag Line that says: Why Always The Same Story? holds true. The movie has a high class- emotional appeal, something only such talented director can deliver. Tamasha is a film that inspires to be matured. The making is fresh and the canvas, big and wonderful. The film is extremely colourful and youthful despite having flaw in the story: Ishqwala Love.

Performance & Technical Review:
Imtiaz Ali’s direction is first-rate. However, the screenplay, penned by Imtiaz Ali, is of the kind which would appeal to the classes mainly. A.R. Rahman’s music comprises some hit numbers. The songs like Magargashti, Heer To Badi Sad Hai, Wat Wat Wat, Safarnama and Agar Tum Saath Ho are so pleasant to hear only in the film. Dialogues, penned by Imtiaz Ali, are very natural. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are rich and thought provoking. Song picturisations are refreshing. Production values are very grand. Ravi Varman’s frames are spectacular, with Japan, Corsica, Simla and Delhi captured in such magnificent frames. Ranbir Kapoor is back and brings his natural charisma and wit. His acting is excellent and it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that he has lived the role of lost identity. It is indeed an award winning performance. Deepika Padukone is on a roll. She looks very natural as Tara. Her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor is something to die for.

PDF Verdict:
Different. Refreshing. Youthful. As stated by Director himself, Tamasha is a film with many faces but a simple heart. On the whole Tamasha is another MASTERPIECE from Imtiaz Ali. Don’t miss this.

Ratings: 4 on 5
Performance: 5 on 5
Script: 4 on 5
Screenplay:4 on 5
Music and Background Score:4 on 5
Cinematography: 4 on 5

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