Review: Shivaay



Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Duration: 169 minutes
Language: Hindi
India Release Date: 28-OCT-2016
Pick-D-Flick Rating:

Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent and yet is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family.

PDF Verdict: Loosely adapted from English flick: Taken, Ajay Devgn’s 2nd bollywood film Shivaay fails miserably. With running time of 175 minutes, watch this film only if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Debutant Sayyeshaa Saigal tells Ajay in the climax: “I don’t know what to say. I am at a loss for words” and so was the case with me. As the punch line says: “THERE WILL BE DESTRUCTION THIS DIWALI”, it will be if you see this film. Watching documentary on mountaineering like: MERU or even revisiting Cliffhanger is ideal choice this Diwali. Let there be LIGHT and not DESTRUCTION.

Pick-D-Flick Ratings: 2 on 5
Performance: 2 on 5
Script: 2 on 5
Music / Background Score: 3.5 on 5
CGI: 2 on 5

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