Review: Saala Khadoos

Saala Khadoos

Saala Khadoos

Genre: Action, Drama, Sport
Duration: 109 minutes
Language: Hindi
India Release Date: 29-JAN-2016

Adi Tomar had a dream to win the boxing gold for India. Instead, he languished in a nightmare for a decade after his gloves were spiked during a match by his own coach, blinding him in the arena and handing the match to his undeserving opponent. Shattered by his loss, Adi turned to a life of cynical self-destruction. Loyal friends somehow bring him back to boxing as the coach of the low-rated Indian women’s boxing team. Adi continues to dream – this time for a fiery young woman. Adi spots in her a champion. So begins a partnership between a man who loves his sport and a girl who loves her freedom. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a journey towards an impossible dream.

Overall Review:
Bollywood has a special corner for sports drama in its heart. Saala Khadoos is 2016’s first sports drama film. The film’s main strength lies solely on the strong performances of the lead actors: R Madhavan and debutant Ritika Singh. The dialogues in the films do not have the required impact. The duration of the film is quite short (109 minutes), and the plot is quite decent. High point in the film: Nail-biting finale.

Performance & Technical Review:
Debutant Bollywood director Sudha Kongara deserves distinction marks for bringing out the film that stands class apart. This one’s straight from her heart. The Characters, Writing and Editing – glitters in its own way. The film’s main strength lies solely on the strong performances of the lead actors: R Madhavan and debutant Ritika Singh. Maddy delivers an extraordinary and extremely realistic performance. Ritika Singh is the discovery of 2016. She is definitely a revelation and a find of Bollywood. Her being a real life martial arts expert has helped her immensely while delivering such flawless performance. Films lacks in the department of dialogues and punches at few place.

PDF Verdict:
Saala Khadoos could have been a decent sports drama, if it had the touch of a master storyteller. The Movie is worth a watch just for an amazing performances from the lead cast especially debutant Ritika Singh. “Sports me se politics hatake dekho Gali Gali champions milege” – TRULY SAID.

Ratings: 3.5 on 5
Performance: 5 on 5
Script: 3.5 on 5
Screenplay: 4 on 5
Music / Background Score: 3 on 5

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