Review: Masaan



Genre: Drama
Duration: 104 minutes
Language: Hindi
India Release Date: 24-JUL-2015

Four lives intersect along the Ganges: a low caste boy hopelessly in love, a daughter
ridden with guilt of a sexual encounter ending in a tragedy, a hapless father with fading morality, and a spirited child yearning for a family, long to escape the moral constructs of a small-town.

Overall Review: Sweet, Heartbreaking, Beautiful & Spritual. Debutant director Neeraj Ghaywan (known for his work as an associate director for Anurag Kashyap’s cult gangster epic: Gangs of Wasseypur) focuses on two interlocking stories set on the banks of beautiful Ganges in the holy city of Benares. Film gives upon strong message of wave of change in our country but under the strong influence of caste system and tradition. It shows the contrast between the the Gen X and the older generation.

Masaan is a slang word in Benares for shamshaan (cremation ground) & the film succeed in reflecting the philosophy of the cycle of life and death in numerous ways. The involving characters: Richa Chadda (Devi), Vicky Kaushal (Deepak), Sanjay Mishra (Vidyadhar), Shweta Tripathi (Shalu), & the rich content will make this film an unforgettable watch specially for the audience who have embraced Indian films like Udaan, The Lunchbox and The Gangs Of Wasseypur.

The only song that stands out in the films is: “Tu Kisi Rail Si”. It features actors Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi, with music by folk-rock band Indian Ocean and lyrics by Varun Grover. It has been sung by Swanand Kirkire. Lyrics are based on a ghazal by Dushyant Kumar, who is said to be one of the finest Hindustani poets of the 20th century.

Director with his co-writer Varun Grover has scripted clever ways to keep individual characters together trying to escape their lives. Film ends both happy and sad, leaving viewers to walk away with one emotion over the other. Cycle of Life and Death with vibrant Benares has never looked so good; Thanks to Avinash Arun Dhaware who with his remarkable photography made Benares vibrant and look rich and added another positive element in the overall making of the film.

PDF Verdict: Masaan with Powerful in its content & Beautiful in its look; is an unforgettable watch. Ghaywan who has Anurag Kashyap as an important mentor has succeeded as a debutant director in his first feature film. Experience this journey between life and death with beautiful Ganges who has never looked so good.

Ratings: 3.5 on 5
Performance: 4 on 5
Script: 3.5 on 5
Screenplay: 4 on 5
Music and Background Score: 3 on 5
Cinematography: 4 on 5

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