Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Duration: 103 minutes
Language: English
India Release Date: 29-APR-2016
Pick-D-Flick Rating: 3.5 on 5

Soon after leaving her fiancé Michelle is involved in a car accident. She awakens to find herself sharing an underground bunker with Howard and Emmett. Has she been saved from an apocalyptical event as Howard & Emmett tell her or are there other motives for her being held against her will?

Overall Review:
A successor to “Cloverfield; Released in 2008′, this spine thriller deserves to be viewed as a stand-alone feature completely disconnected from any expectations. Film has simple story line: Waking up from a car accident, a young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) finds herself in the basement of a man’s (John Goodman) remote country house: he claims to have saved her life from a chemical attack that has left the outside uninhabitable. The movie setting is limited and claustrophobic. The cast is limited, but the story and tension will grab you and not let up until the end. The pacing of this film suits the overall theme. It slowly builds to some big moments and when not much is happening, it keeps you in the film with a clever use of music and a creepy score. Performances are the key points in the movie. Unfortunately, 10 Cloverfield Lane’s final fifteen minutes may leave you disappointing. The last act belongs to altogether different genre. Nevertheless, film is worth a watch.

Performance & Technical Review:
Although the cast is limited, performances are key points here. It’s primarily John Goodman’s performance that makes the film watchable. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is also very likable as the resourceful protagonist. John Gallagher Jr. act as a supporting case and is good. The communication between the trio is a joy to watch, and the chilling music adds to the suspenseful and claustrophobic atmosphere. The score to this film, done by Bear McCreary, is tense and effective, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The visual style of the film and the cinematography are also something to note because it was beautiful. The movie is almost entirely set in this cramped underground bunker and made every scene a little bit more appealing to watch. Director Dan Trachtenberg does a fantastic job in his feature film debut. The final fifteen minutes OR grand finale doesn’t work as a way to wrap up this story but can be easily ignored considering the entire package.

PDF Verdict:
To be fair, 10 Cloverfield Lane is captivating, unique & genre-spinning incredible ride, well exeucted with stand-out performances, from start to end. Leaving grand finale, it is a great cinema to watch.

Ratings: 3.5 on 5
Performance: 4 on 5
Script: 3.5 on 5
Screenplay: 4 on 5
Music / Background Score: 4 on 5

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