Review: Hasmukh



Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Drama
Episodes: 10 (Average 30min each)
Language: Hindi
Online Release Date: 17-APR-2020
Platform: Netflix
PDF & WMR Rating: 3 on 5

About the Series:
Hasmukh is a unique attempt in the web series platform to utilise standup comedy as an effective storytelling tool. Created by Das and Nikkhil Advani, this dark comedy talks about a small-town stand-up comedian called Hasmukh Sudiya (Vir Das), who’s trying to make it big in the country’s financial and entertainment capital, Mumbai. Unlike other standup comedians, Hasmukh can only perform well after he’s taken someone’s life, with the fear of being in a life-or-death scenario helping him overcome stage fright. The highlight of the series is its terrific cast with intriguing story and crisp editing. However director loses his focus in mid-way that turns this Smiley (Hasmukh) Emoji into Confused Emoji. 10-episode series largely delivers stale, half-baked jokes, which further lessens the show’s impact. The climax is very much predictable. It is the journey of Hasmukh that is enjoyable than his destination.

Performance & Technical Review
Vir Das’s (the actor-turned-standup comedian) comic timings in the series are flawless. He succeeds in showing his veerta: he kills it with his act. Ranvir Shorey’s performance is apt and lively. He shares great on-screen presence with his co-star. The other cast: Ravi Kishen and Raza Murad adds their presence to the plot along with the competitive comedian KK played by Suhail Nayyar. Amrita Bagchi, Inaamul Haque and Santanu Ghatak pitch in with crucial performances that help the show Analysis. The writing is supported by a good editing. All other technical departments are serviceable and stand out only in flashes.

Overall Review
Hasmukh, Dark Inside, Lighter Outside. offers less smiles and is enjoyable only for stellar cast and intriguing story.

PDF & WMR Rating: 3 on 5

Performance: 3.5 on 5
Script: 3 on 5
Screenplay: 3 on 5
Music / Background Score: 2.5 on 5
Cinematography: 2.5 on 5

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