Review: Extraction



Genre: Action, Thriller
Runtime: 116 Minutes
Language: English, Bangla and Hindi (in some parts)
Online Release Date: 24-APR-2020
Platform: Netflix
PDF & WMR Rating: 4 on 5

About the Series – Performances and Technical Review:
From the house of Russo brothers (Joe Russo & Anthony Russo), Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth, best known as Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The film is a directed by former stuntmen Sam Hargrave and is based on the graphic novel Ciudad. Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, a damaged mercenary who is contracted to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian crime lord from the dangerous streets of Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. With minimal dialogue in 116 minute runtime, Hemsworth has emerged as new rambo with this gruelling action flick. He and Randeep Hooda together leads Sam Hargrave’s action wagon supported by actors Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Priyanshu Painyuli & Pankaj Tripathi (just 2 mnute cameo). There’s insane amount of action, blood, bullets, chasing cars, helicopters & bodies that pile up like dead flies. Nevertheless, Sam handles it at ease. A 10-minute car chase action and hand to hand combat sequence is visual delight to the eyes. The background score (by Alex Belcher and Henry Jackman) heightens the tension and is exactly how it ought to be in the film. Editing is crisp and to the point.

Overall Review:
To all action junkies – roll up your sleeves and get ready to witness this EXTRA ACTION (Extraction) – An Adrenalin rush action vehicle of Chris Hemsworth. Recommended high-octane action thriller.

PDF & WMR Rating: 4 on 5

Performances: 4 on 5
Cinematography: 4 on 5
Background Score / Music: 4 on 5
Story & Screenplay: 3.5 on 5
Editing: 4 on 5

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